Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year / New South

Here's a twist on the traditional southern New Year's Day dish Hoppin' John. We had a late breakfast and Marty wanted to go out for the afternoon. I wouldn't let him leave the house until he'd eaten some black eyed peas, rice and greens for good luck. I sauteed fresh mustard greens from our CSA (can you believe we are STILL getting food from their garden this late in the season??) then threw together some black eyed peas, tomatoes, jalapenos and rice. Nice splash of Louisiana Hot Sauce on top and a glass of iced tea - sweet tea, as they call it down here. If we never do anything else on New Year's Day, we will at the very least always eat Hoppin' John.

Here's to a happy, healthy and creative New Year!


darryl moland said...

Yum. Got any leftovers? I had some collards and black-eyed peas and fried shrimp New Year's Eve evening. Does that count. My friend Ale made collards and black-eyed peas yesterday and invited me to stop by for some, but Jon and I were SO lazy yesterday. So it's a new year . . . I wanna see ya'll soon!

Candace said...

Back at'cha. We had collard and black eyed peas, with cornbread and -- for the first time in a LONG time -- hog jowl. WHOA NELLY!

That photo is just fantastic. Hope to actually get together a meeting of all us Deep Southern Dishes some time. Won't THAT be fun?