Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who's Battier?

Never a dull moment around this old place. Last week it was a squirrel that got in through the attic vent after we had professionals secure the outside of the house. The idea was that nothing could get in, no mice, bats, squirrels, snakes, chipmunks or whatever other type of uninvited visitors we may have had in the past.

Well, it didn't work. The squirrel came in and went into my studio. I shut the door (as instructed by someone at the professional place) but when a technician arrived many hours later, the squirrel was gone. It bounced all around my art room knocking things over and chewed the wood slats (mullions, I believe is the correct term) on two of my 6 windows in there. That squirrel was determined. Somehow it UNLOCKED the window and jumped to safety in the outside world from the 2nd story.

This week it was the bat that I could never find during the day. Around 9 or 10 o'clock at night he'd come flying over our heads. Poor thing, I knew it was trying to find a way out but it was near impossible for me to get him out. I slept with my head under the covers a few nights.

Tonight was the last night. I waited for him and after about 3 hours of blocking doorways, and opening the front and back door, I got him to fly out onto the back porch. I grabbed my camera as I was closing the front door and tried to take video.

I kind of miss him already.


Mary Ann said...

next time you have that problem TURN THE LIGHT OUT in the room he's trapped in. he'll more easily make his way outside. could call me. mary ann moss: professional bat wrangler.
either way.

One Love Photo said...

I can't imagine! I would freak! I love how you keep calling him sweety and sweet talking on the video. If it happens again call Mary Ann, NOT ME!
Glad to have you back!

Katie said...

Never a dull moment!
We finally opened the can of maple syrup. It was incredible. I say 'was' because it's already gone! John wanted me to tell you thanks again. :)

Uli said...

..your house sounds enchanted and enchanting, Jamie... simply lovely ... hope that one of these days I'll be able to come by and visit.

Andrea Z said...

Your video is too cute...we live such parallel lives it's scary!