Friday, April 25, 2008

Leading up to Artfest...

Every day that passes takes me just a little bit further from ArtFest. I keep telling myself that I need to find my photos and post a little about my adventure before it fades from memory. I took so much in with my ears, eyes and heart that I didn't stop to take nearly as many photos as I normally do. Probably not a bad thing in retrospect.

Here are the snow capped mountains underneath the clouds as I was flying into Seattle. It's the first time I have ever been to Washington state that I can remember and I was so excited with anticipation of the new experiences ahead of me.

My friend Neal met me at the airport and gave me a quick tour of Seattle on our way up to his house. Can you tell I was under dressed for the cool winds whipping off of the water? I left my thick wool sweater and my favorite jeans back home by accident. Good excuse to swing by Pike's Market to look for something warm to wear on the beach at night.

Since we were on the west side of town, we popped in for a short visit with some friends of Neal and his wife's. She made us the perfect cup of coffee (it's a Seattle thing) to warm up as we walked around their gardens. I was mesmerized by all of the cool things. Her son is quite the creative one and built these great little gates and walkways. It was a perfect little space with art and plantings and lots of love.

From there we headed to the market which was just closing but I did luck out and get an alpaca wool pull over. I met the famous fish monger who tosses fish for a living. Funny guy, I called him a 'movie star' because I had seen him on the TV show Glutton for Punishment. Told him I came all the way from Atlanta just to meet him. He kissed a fish for me.

My photos are sporadic from this point on. I enjoyed the evening with N&K over a yummy home cooked dinner and a bottle of wine. Then it was off the next morning for my trip to Port Townsend. I had no idea what I would find along the way. The ferry ride was a trip all in itself. I only stayed up top for about 5 minutes to soak in the scenery before heading back indoors where it was warm.

I came upon the cutest little town called Port Gamble - had to stop and snap a couple of photos.

I have to stop here for now. Just about to head out the door to meet a girlfriend on our way to see Bruce Springsteen tonight. The Boss is in town!

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