Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work in Progress

I'm still here! Lots of outside projects in the works. This is the greenhouse my brother is building for me using old recycled windows and doors. I'd say he's about half way done. It's looking a little junky down there now but I know it will be fabulous when it's finished. I've got an old cast iron kitchen sink to put inside and will put a load of pea gravel in for the floor and a potting bench down one side. I'm not sure what we'll use for the bottom - maybe siding - maybe glass. It may end up being more of a natural light potting shed/painting studio. Who knows?

We had a bunch of dead limbs cut down and a HUGE oak tree that was dead and leaning over the barn. I failed to get a photo of the whole tree but this is a piece of the middle section to give you an idea of how large it was. Lots of loud equipment and guys with hard hats and chainsaws running around for a few hours.

We made good use of the pile of chips left by the arborist. I now have paths leading to my new kitchen garden. Woo-Hoo! Finally a place to grow a few tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Oh my sad sad tomatoes. They were struggling on the back deck planted in random containers. Finally they have room to stretch out and get some sun. I still need to cover the soil with a little mulch. I've got a pile of half decomposed leaves from last fall piled under the magnolia tree. I hope I get to that tomorrow. There's always something to do around here. My project list keeps getting longer instead of shorter.

The rough plan has been to get lots of work done around the house and yard this summer so that we can sit back and enjoy it in the fall. Maybe get back to some artful jewelry type creations and pottery.

Check out how the potato vine grew up around my squirrel feeder! Next year I'll plant those along the fence but I sort of just plunked a handful in the ground at the base of the post a few weeks ago. I've added a few more plants around the yard. 4 dwarf gardenias near the lower deck with newly mulched paths and 10 autumn ferns along the driveway by the trash corral.

Here's a sweet smellin' bloom on the guacamole hostas I planted last month. I was amazed at the bloom - it's so unlike the other hostas I planted earlier in the year. I've really enjoyed being outside, nurturing my plants and seeing how everything progresses. It's very difficult to water though. Since we are still in a "Level 4 Drought Restriction" I can only water (by hand, one hose, one person) from midnight to 10am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I'll end this post with a photo of "Bandit" our resident raccoon. He's in here every night to snack on the cat food. I know, I'm going to have to take the cat food inside at night but it's so hard to do when Clara sleeps outside. Clara likes a little midnight snack and I hate to leave him with no food. Oh well, everyone's got to eat so the madness continues. Never a dull moment here on The Pharm.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie, Nice to see you popped by again, and yes of course I remember you! Now that is a fantastic pic of the raccoon. We dont have them here, so I am a little awe struck. We get possums though that do the same thing. Sooo cute....

Yeah, the Artist's WAy changed my life..I really DID get the dream career I wanted bu twas too shy to pursue through doing the things in that book. The stepping stones are marvelous, quite magical, as you cross over water you are crossing over your unconscious, they say...

Brad said...

Hi Jamie,

Nice to watch everything taking shape. Using the woodchips as a path is a great idea! I can't believe you caught that pesky varmint redhanded!

You need one of these from amazon.. It's not a very high tech cat door but it's an idea to get you started! (

patty said...

when brother is finished, I will have a plane ticket ready for him to get started on my greenhouse. I love the recycled windows! Great gardens, they look very inviting.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous garden and your little visitor is very cute, maybe not so cute if he gets in the house. I love your pictures of the Yorkshire village, I'm originally from England and in some of the little villages it seems like time has stood still. Thanks for your comments too.