Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anyone there?

I've been going through photos from trips to Artfest, Montreal, The World's Longest Yard Sale, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, South Carolina, Nashville and a recent trip to the North GA mountains for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail. Way too many stories and photos to sort through before we head off to Montana and Idaho for more camping and hiking.

I've missed my friends in blogland and hope you haven't forgotten me! I'm itching to catch up but the weeds are tall, the lists are long and there's packing to be done. If I survive backcountry camping in -30° weather then I'll be back to catch up when I can. Are you still there? I hope so.

P.S. That's not -30° weather, it's supposed to be <30°. Less than, colder than, way colder than I'm used to in Georgia! Oh, and the picture is of a photo transfer I made on a piece of wood. It's from a photo booth photo while we were in Montreal. All made by hand, you know...wood, photocopy, gel medium, sandpaper. No Photoshop trickery on this baby! :-)


Susan P. said...

Jamie - So happy you posted that piece of art, because it was nice seeing it again :)
I am definitely going to give it a go this weekend & thanks again for all the info!!!

Candace said...

Hey there, Jamie. I am so glad you are going going going... and love that photo. Yeah, I like photoshop but MUCH prefer doing up my shots my own self...

Say, is that you and the Mister? Goodlooking couple there!

Candace in Athens.

krelnik said...

That's an awesome set of photos AND an awesome piece of art. Nicely done. Walking around Hampstead in London yesterday, we found a little alleyway called "Marty's Yard" and were thinking about you guys. Have fun in Montana!

Lynn Fisher said...

Hi Jamie, you're back! Good to see you. Great pics of you! Is that the hub...fancy!

Southern Girl said...

hey, Jamie. I found something for you beside the railroad tracks...I know you're a fan of "found things." Can I drop it by someday? It's been in my car for months.

Candace said...

Hello again. Twitter away, kid. I check now and then. Gosh, I had lost your website when I changed my blogsite and am I ever glad you did this.
Hope you and Hubbs are doing great!

If you ever show to Athens, please let me know.