Friday, February 12, 2010

iPhone Camera Apps

These are the photo apps I have been playing with on the iPhone for the past two Fridays. There's a link to check them out and the price they were when I purchased them last week. Each app can be purchased/downloaded from the App Store right on your iPhone and is ready to use before you even get the bill! How cool is that?! Click away and let me know if you have any favorites that I don't have.

1) Best Camera ($2.99) This one is simple to use with a great interface. Lots of cool filters and the ability to send to a long list of places: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Email and Camera Roll.

2) CameraBag ($1.99) You can shoot right from this app or select a photo already on your iPhone. I like that you can select full resolution for larger photos with this app.

3) Hipstamatic ($1.99) You pick the lens, film and flash then shoot to your heart's content. I bought a couple extra lens packages but I forget to switch over and use them!

4) Lo-Mob ($1.99) This is a fun one, too! You can shoot from the app or select a photo already on your iPhone. LOTS of cool old timey filters for borders, exposures, fades, etc...

5) TiltShiftGen ($0.99) This is how you make your photos look like they are from a miniature toy town. You can shoot from the app or select a photo you already have on your iPhone.

6) ToyCamera ($1.99) I love the random feature on this app! It's one of my favorites.


Michele said...

Jamie - are you headed to artfest this year?

Jennifer said...


I've been using CameraBag like nobody's business. I even liked it so much that I downloaded it to use on my desktop. :) There's also a Flickr group for CameraBag photos. Thanks for this post...just downloaded Lo-Mob, and I'll test it out today.