Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lunch for One lunch and yes, I ate every last bit of it. Even tipped the plate up and drank the juice that was collected in the bottom of the plate. Thanks to Judy Wise for this delicious food inspiration. What I didn't already have in the 'fridge I went out and picked from the garden. THE GARDEN! Yes, I went out and picked food from my garden for lunch! I realize this might not be such a newsworthy event for some of you but it absolutely tickled me to no end.

Okay, I only picked the basil and curly parsley but it still counts, right? :-)

The tomato (yes, that is only half of ONE tomato), cucumbers and red onions are all compliments of our amazing CSA organic gardeners. They are only 2 people but they grow food for something like 30 families on 2 acres. I enjoy being able to spend even just a few minutes over there to sit in the rocking chairs under the porch and catch up while I get my goodies.

The amaranth has gone to seed but I love how the rich deep color contrasts with the blue sky and green corn stalks. Apparently, chicks love amaranth. I wonder if their eggs will come out pink?

Here's a lovely parting shot of the sun coming up over the trees this morning around 6:30am. The fog was trapped in a field and I pulled over to snap a quick shot on my way home from Casa de Waffle. I knew I needed a hearty (as in heart stopping?) breakfast before watering the garden this morning. Took me a couple of hours to get everything watered but I was done well before my 10am watering ban cut off and plenty of time to greet the appliance repairman at 9am. Oh such is the life of a Tiny Pharm Wife.


One Love Photo said...

Oh, that looks so yummy! I see a good book on the table, reminded me that I need to start doing morning pages again. Your garden shots are so lovely. Mine is starting to come around, next year it should be quite nice. am thinking photo ready next year.

notmassproduced said...

Hey - just popped ove via seth's blog and had to say hello because I'm from North Yorkshire and I'm so tickled that you find it so cute! Hope you had a nice holiday here.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a delicious looking plate of food.
Looks like you have water restrictions too. We have here, two days a week, Sunday morning being one of them, from 6am to 8am needless to say not many gardens get watered on Sundays.

Candace said...

Hi Jamie, love love that you did that great salad. I am getting my container gardens and my "Sacrificial Pit" ready for fall/next year planting... in between work and art projects.

I don't always comment but I always read your great blog! We Peaches have to stick together... ripe or not.
Have a great week,

femminismo said...

Hi, came by way of Candace. She is a sweetie. Your salad looks great. Judy Wise is an inspiration in many ways, huh? The early morning photo is luscious. It's cooler here in Oregon tonight, but I know I shouldn't tell someone from the South that! femminismo

FARMER SUE said...


LOVED THE lunch photos and the baby tomatoes are gorgeous!!!! cant wait to see the garden - i may do a drive in rather than a drive by.
your farmer.... sue

Candace said...

*Excellent* photos, Tiny Pharm Wife. I have plans and dibs on Athens Farmers Market tomorrow morning (Sat). My tomatoes are nonexistent this time around but I am putting in garlic in a couple of weeks. Will keep you posted.

Get More,

Robyn said...

I have so enjoyed looking at your blog. Great photographs and I loved Art Fest. It must be a wonderful experience. Thanks for the great comment you left on my blog.