Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red, Green and Rust

Get your Pharm Phresh Photos here! Finally after 4 days without power followed by much welcomed rain, I took a walk around outside and snapped some photos. I'm realizing there's actually a color scheme here on The Pharm. Can you see it?

Sorry about the duplicate photos - I sort of went willy nilly with the new software I downloaded (Comic Life for Mac). I will try not to abuse it - I've only got 30 days on the free trial version. I'm still trying to learn the art of restraint. For now, it just feels good to throw it all out there.


Candace said...

Wowee. These pharm phresh photos are gorgeous! Reds and Greens are always welcome in My World... I also see transparencies in among the photos, rust notwithstanding. LOL. Just lovely to look at, esp the caladium! I keep mine outside because of the cats. Ah, me...
Have a great Labor Day and I hope that power issue is resolved!

misty said...

they are gorgeous! I love how you put them all together using comic life, i am going to have to download it and try it out! thanks for the link!

glad to hear you have power again. 4 days without, wow, what was that like?

hope have a great day!