Sunday, September 30, 2007

Peerless Pleasure

Too much fun in one weekend to blog about in a single post. My friend Ordell came to visit for a very short 4 days. We hadn't seen each other since 1979! Lots of laughs and a lifetime of stories to catch up on.

We happened to drive by an estate sale down the road from us on Saturday. I never knew the old lady who lived in that house but do know the 70 year old woman who was born in the house.

Quick post - just want to show some of the photos from the treasures we found. We got 2 white trash bags full of quilting scraps, an arm full of old hand stitched quilt tops, a finished quilt that's beautiful and this snazzy PINK sewing machine. I'm still going through the scraps and found a total of 7 tops in all the stuff we got. Some of the quilt tops are backed with old newspapers dated June 1950. She must have used the paper for her patterns. I think there are probably about 6 different patterns all together.

I can't seem to find any information on this old sewing machine. The machine itself is made in Japan but the pedal and motor both say made in U.S.A. The make is Peerless and the model is 55 De Luxe. I sure would like to learn more about it. If you happen to know anything about this beauty, I'd appreciate any information you can offer.

What a wonderful fun filled weekend!


Update: I noticed today that the actual model of the sewing machine is 35 De Luxe. The font looks like a 5 but it's a 3. So far, all I can find with a model number of 35 De Luxe are tractors.


Carol Emma said...

What a score!! There's almost no thrill as great as a great yard sale find!

Katie said...

What a great machine! And the quilt tops!!!!! Nice finds~

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I love the quilt tops, too! My mother is going to show me how to hand stitch the tops into quilts. I will pick one that barely has any paper backing left on it.

I used the one quilt that was finished already. I put it in the washer on gentle cycle and it came out great! I took it camping this past weekend. I loved waking up in the north GA mountains with the sun peeking through the window and morning sunlight dancing all around the beautiful patchwork quilt.

Jamie said...

I thought I could edit my post but I ended up deleting it and starting over. Have no fear, there were no nasty posts here. :-)

susanna said...

You scored! That pink sewing machine is terrific, so girly. And the quilts that you! Are you going to finish them? The one with the newspaper backing is very interesting. It's neat to see and learn HOW something was made.

susanna said...

Oh wait! You just answered my question...I gotta remember to read all the other comments before posting my own - hee! So your mom is going to teach you how to finish the quilts...well, that just adds an extra personal and special history to them.