Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My ArtFest check posted/cleared the bank. That means I'm in! I still have no idea what workshops or accommodations I will get but at the very least, I know I'm going.

There will be much singing and dancing about the house today. :-)


kecia said...

hi, thanks for joining in on the fun at my blog! i enjoyed looking around your blog as well. my check cleared for artfest too! it will be fun to see what classes i will be taking!

i like the things you made using some of the zettiolgy stamps - nice work!

Jamie said...

Thanks Kecia! I sent you a message through Etsy convos.

kecia said...

hi again, jamie! just got my convo - would love to trade with you at artfest. i usually always wear a vintage hat so that people can identify me easy!

talk to you soon!

susanna said...

Siiiiigh...I sooooo wish I could join you there. I got your email with your artfest classes and I WILL email you back this weekend. You have such a great selection of classes. I hope you get into all the ones you want. And just imagine who you will meet there! New artsy friends! Fun!