Friday, September 14, 2007

The light.

We finally got rain. A good rain. The soak you to the skin when running from the house to the car kind of rain. I heard it fall all night long on the roof while sleeping upstairs and then again all day today.

Just as it was starting to get dark, I looked outside and saw the strangest light on the tops of the trees. I ran for the camera. Not in the camera bag. Drats! Not in the cabinet in the living room where we used to keep the camera. Drats! Not on my husband's desk where I thought he might have left it for me. Drats!

Then I looked inside of the cabinets in the lab and found it! But it had no lens. Drats! I grabbed the first lens I could lay my hands on and quickly attached it to the camera body. One quick test shot to see if it had batteries and a card. Click! So I ran outside, in the rain, through the construction debris and the light had moved.

You'll have to take my word for it, it was beautiful. I noticed some of the light still across the road behind Mrs. Neighbor's cow pasture. Just as I was moving around, looking for a shot of the light, a rainbow appeared. It was right in front of me. Just a tiny glimpse of the highlight of my day.

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susanna said...

Oh my gosh, that IS beautiful! It's literally a gift from heaven! And that's your back yard? What a view!