Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fired, Brushed, Tumbled, Tarnished & Polished

Here are 45 of the charms I finished today in all of their imperfect handmade glory. "Finished" as in, fired, brushed, tumbled, tarnished and polished. Now comes the real fun part - matching them up with beads and wire wrapping each one to attach to my moo cards for ArtFest trades.

First thing I did after making coffee this morning was set up my Ventilated Patination Station. That's what I was calling it anyway. It's actually just small dishes set out on the back porch with Liver of Sulphur and water. I had it set up from right to left: hot water to heat the silver, then the LOS in warm water to patina the silver and finally, a cool bath of water to stop the chemical process. I used a piece of wire and dipped each charm in all three dishes. Some I left lighter than others. The darker ones were dipped a few different times.

I was so excited and jumped right in to the patination process that I almost forgot to take photos of the shiny charms before they changed colors. Here are a few of the shiny ones with some I had just tarnished. They are bright and shiny because I put them in the rotary tumbler with mixed steel shot last night for about 40 minutes.

More tarnished ones. I like how some of them got that iridescent mixed color. I don't know what it's called but it sort of looks like the top of oil in a parking lot after it rains. You know the look I am talking about? Is there a word for that other than iridescent?

Here's a handful of them after I had polished the high points with a very very very fine steel wool. I would have used my Sunshine Polishing Cloths if I could have found them. Yes, my studio is still a mess! Reminds me of a cross stitched pillow that my mom has: "A Clean House is the Sign of a Misspent Life."

I realized that I didn't have anything in these photos to show size relationship so here's a shot my husband took of me laying them out on a stool outside.

(Pssst...BIG, one of your photos made it onto my blog! Thanks for helping me. You're the best husband but I won't let it get around to your friends. ;-) )


stephanie t. said...

First of all, I couldn't get past your blog header without breaking down into sobs. 'Older' mom with young children, living in a neighborhood of newly wealthy, self-absorbed 'young things'...none of whom 'get' what I do. I have never been so painfully alone. Then there was ArtFest...and I am finding others, like me, who share the same passion for art. Maybe not next door, or on the playground at school, but close enough NOT feel so empty. OK...'nuff of that!

LOVE your blog! Total awe and admiration for your work and your trades! You will have no problem finding other 'charmers' at the Fort...and friends:)

Jamie said...

Thanks, Stephanie! You totally 'got' my collage. I made it with ArtFest in mind. Searching for others more like me.

I hope we get to meet at ArtFest. If you recognize me or my trades or my moo card (which is a modified version of my banner/collage) then please pull me aside and say something like "Hey, you're that girl from Georgia!"


Sweet Petunia said...

I went to ArtFest about 5 years ago not knowing a soul and made many new friends that I see each year. I am sure you will have a fabulous time.

Living on a little old farm is my family's dream...but I am a bit of a city girl...with hopes of having a little farm near a city. Hopefully we'll meet.

Kel said...

I replied on the group, but then I came to see your charms - they are so gorgeous! Mine are here:
I'm with Stephanie on your blog header, such true and powerful words.
I'll definitely trade with you! I'm a solo artfester too, and there aren't really any more like me around here.
Kel x

Michele said...

LOVE your charms, Jamie! wow, I hope you want a stuid ol' ATC cause I'd love to have one of your beauties. Great blog, too. Counting the hours until AF!

art spirit said...

Love you charms!!! hope to meet you at ARtfest! Great Blog,too!

Lynn said...

I love your blog...and your charms....oh my GOSH!!!! I only have Moo cards and a few beads for ArtFest...oh the shame...

Robyn said...

Loved seeing your charms at all stages of glory and have to agree with the others....your blog header is great.