Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Got Trades?

My art room is trashed (as usual) but I've been having fun! I've got about 60 charms in the works for ArtFest. I leave one week from today so I'm feeling pretty good about being ready in time.

Here's the first round I made the other night. 25 fine silver charms, all stamped, dried, cleaned up and ready to fire. That's my new Moo Card sitting with the charms. I had 200 printed special for ArtFest.

A couple other shots from my studio. Wolf Trap Radio has been keeping me company on iTunes. It's under the Eclectic genre on iTunes Radio. I think you can also stream it from their website if you don't have iTunes. Who doesn't have iTunes though?


susanna said...

Wow! 600 charms! You've been one busy woman! I hope you have fun at ArtFest. It sounds really cool. I'm looking forward to hearing of your experiences there.

Jamie said...

Oh my! Not 600 - 60! There's no way I could get 600 done. There will be 600 people there, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

what a shame I misse ot on one of your trades, ans your fbulous moo card... I have plenty left over..wanna swap an art bundle??