Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. Or Did I?

Just as I knew, the climbing antique rose bush is now loaded with sweet smelling blooms. It's actually gone a bit crazy after all of the rain we've had. These photos just don't do it justice - a bit hard for me to capture how full it really is spilling all over the arbor.

There are also the beginnings of new blooms on the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas outside of the picket fence. They start out green and then turn to white not blue or pink like the other variety of hydrangeas. I love the conical shape of these when the bush is in full bloom.

The Hostas and Rose Campions that I planted last week seem to be pretty happy here. I also love how the sunlight shines through the leaves of the Bengal Tiger Canna Lilies. We took out a section of the picket fence to bring in the top soil and rocks but decided to make it into a gate instead of putting it back like it was.

Yes, the grass needs trimming, the beds needs mulching and the fence needs attention but I've got to pack for a trip! There's no telling what I'll want to do with the yard after seeing all of the English Country Gardens. I think I may just pop with excitement.


Heather, said...

Beautiful. I love that last shot with the sunlight through the leaf.

krelnik said...

Those are fantastic pictures, Jamie!

Katie said...

Hi stranger! Long time, no type.
Your yard looks beautiful!
Have a wonderful trip.

Heather, said...

Jamie...where are you? Hope all is well!