Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Back From Across The Pond!

It couldn't have been more perfect. Notice the car at the top of the path? That's our car and exactly where we pulled in to park in the tiny village of Lealholm in the North Yorkshire Moors. These old stepping stones across the river are the reason I picked this spot in the first place. I saw a photo on the 'net and just knew it would be a great little place to rest our weary bones after the trip over. I was unaware of where I was parking as I pulled in to walk up the road to the pub.

Let's just say that after an 8 and a half hour flight, a couple hours in the airport sorting out our rental car, plus driving from Manchester on the LEFT side of the road...well, it was a most welcome sight to see my old friend "The Stones".

A view up the street towards the pub. If I never do anything else right the rest of my life, let it be known that booking a room at The Board Inn (a room upstairs in the local village pub) was one of the smartest things I have ever done in my life. Seriously. How could we go wrong? A few pints, a good meal and all we had to do was crawl up the stairs to lay our heads on what seemed like the softest pillows on earth.
Ok, here's a funny story... I was upstairs, sitting in the window seat, looking out onto the river when I saw this cute old man driving a tractor over the bridge. I grabbed my camera and took a photo thinking it was too surreal. But then came the true reality when he backed into the space at the front of the pub door right underneath my window and delivered 3 huge bags of potatoes! Potatoes he grew himself, harvested, then delivered to the pub. Forget it! I couldn't nap, I had to go down to the pub for another 1/2 pint and share my story with my husband and a few of the locals. I'm not sure they knew why I found this so insanely idyllic but to me it just set the mood for a fantastic English countryside visit.

Just a few photos from Day 1. I've got lots of unpacking, laundry, mail sorting, bill paying, kitty loving and even some fresh vegetables to pick up from our CSA. It's good to be home but WOW what a trip. More to follow in the next few days as I sort through our photos.

P.S. I must have traveler's delirium! Marty booked the room at the pub for us after a kind old woman he first called suggested we try the pub. Her farm stay B&B was booked for the night and it couldn't have worked out better. 'Twasn't I at all. I give credit where credit is due.

Also, if you ever do find yourself in Lealholm or anywhere near, please do stop in and tell Karen and Alister hello for us. They were great hosts! Alister is quite the chef and whipped up some delicious meals for us. Food, that's a whole other post. Incredible food. I was on the "Eat Something Cute Diet". The first night it was pan fried wild rabbit. I tried not to think of what it looked like before it was smothered in a delicious gravy. :-\


Christine said...

Your garden pics (in this post and others) are beautiful.

Which CSA do you use? My husband and I keep checking them out and then not doing anything about it.

Jamie said...

Hi Christine,

We love our CSA! We've been members for a couple of years now. Check out to find one near you.

I'd have emailed you but I can't find your email address in your profile. Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you come back to visit. :-)

Heather, said...

Wow, what a great parking spot! Those stones are amazing! I absolutely love the potato delivery! Glad you're back safe and sound, can't wait to see more pics!

Mary Ann said...

mmmmmmmmm a cool green wonderland to walk around, crossing streams over stone blocks, and soft pillows at night for dreaming. sounds perfect.

farmer sue said...

pharm girl... the photos are phenomenal - the stones, the tractor and love the lighting on the table. who needs an art director.... can't wait to see the sheep and an entire slide show with wine. hugs from your farmer sue

Katie said...

great pics. i love the stones! i can't wait to see more~

Southern Girl said...

I HEART this post!!! (: It makes me want to hop a plane immediately!

Stephanie said...

I read your post about yourtrip to the UK lthe same way I would approach eating a gooey sticky cinnamon bun- gotta get a fast bite and then re-read slowly to enjoy, down the sticky lovely center... I personally feel that pretty much anything in the UK is worth photographing! Can you tell I'm an Anglophile?? Thanks- lovely blog. I'll be back : )
~Stephanie (Cache-Coeur)

Candace said...

Hi again, I am so thrilled you got to visit -- the photos especially of that garden in someone's yard were just wonderful and I'm thrilled to be going. Okay, in NOVEMBER, so scratch the posies but other treasures will abound, I'm sure.