Saturday, August 18, 2007

Knock Knock

Wow! So, am I officially here?

I guess so. Tiny Pharm Wife finally enters the blogosphere!

Isn't that something?

Ok, now that I'm here...I need to figure out what I have to say to the world.


Are you there?

It's me, Tiny Pharm Wife.


Judy said...

Hi from etsy! Welcome to the blog world! Love the collage and your etsy mini looks awesome.

Alexia said...

Hello, fellow southerner/collager/thrifter/Claudine fan, etc! Welcome to the blogosphere, you're off to a good start- love your banner. Now get posting.

South MS

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie~

Your landing page reminds me of the work of Anne Taintor...

nicely done!


J. Sells said...

Funny of you to post that link, Neal. I have one of her postcards sitting right next to my computer.

"Has anyone seen my hormones?" :-)

It's so nice to have visitors on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Geo said...

I LOVE it!! Well, and you too....
Hugs to Marty! This is SOOOOOO COOL!!